International "Gold" Reggae Dancehall Artist, with a roots flavor that translates into popular dancehall music. Assisted by the Gold selling single, “Desperado” on Interscope Records, he established himself in the global music market. Born December 23rd He inherited an energetic, unique and appealing voice from Jamaican ancestors. Raised in the Caribbean, he is a popular, modern, reality centered artist who demonstrated an early understanding for the importance of song structure and vocal delivery.


Peter Tosh, a quintessential figure, has exerted the most influence over Melekel’s career and continues to be a great inspiration. Tosh’s “Legalize it” ideology infused roots reggae, reflected the early but popular 420 movement of this time. A view, which undoubtedly, still remains relevant in today’s landscape. Ruben Blades, former FANIA All-Star, left his birthplace and a promising law practice in pursuit of a dream. He wrote and performed some of the biggest urban hits still enjoyed by millions today. Both are well known for their great song writing abilities and engaging live shows, talents also prevalent in artists with the likes of Melekel.


In an instance of eternal togetherness, came the lover’s favorite “She is so Lovely.” A written and oral attempt to capture the natural essence of the female gender and the innate feeling of devotion to love and life. Melodic, subtle and always a crowd-pleaser, It remains one of the most requested singles of all time. “Desperado” is based on a true story; it depicts real life struggles and the role they play in making efficient decisions. Winner of the Gold Record Award for US sales in excess of 500,000 units, ( continues to be an anthem in urban areas around the world.   


“Reggae is the Jamaican export, which has extended to all 4 corners of the Earth” Melekel has said. Like the example set before him by the genre’s pioneers and trail blazers, his brand of reggae is inclusive, positive, and uplifting; focused on direct and indirect narratives that explore the reality of human experiences. Personal and professional discipline, attention to details and team work are qualities that he brings to every studio project, concert event and special appearance.