The Earth is our home and we must each take part in the task of ensuring that future generations are able to enjoy the benefits of clean air and fresh water.  As a supporter of environmentally friendly alternatives to services and products, Melekel wants to address the on going concern of many of his fans, which centers around climate change and the dangers it poses to our human existance.

"I stand with any individual, organization, government, corporation or administration that is actively doing something in any capacity, in order to reduce or decrease: the emission of dangerous gases into the air, pollutants in the bodies of water and contamination of the soil. 

This is why I have taken it upon myself to publish this page to remind us all of the recycled material that can be collected by individuals and families worldwide.  We must hope that we continue to inspire one another to recycle and eliminate waste. 

Ultimately, many more changes are necessary in order to solve the problems that have been caused, but as the damage did not occur overnight; neither will the solution."

Melekel, Reggae Dancehall Artist